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Online 6 hours ago
Joined 5 years ago
AnCatDubh 33
Aberdeen, United Kingdom

I like long emails, snail mail and exchanging small cultural gifts too.

Would especially like new pals in Korea Thailand Japan Taiwan or Aussie/NZ or Baltics/east Europe :)

Is learning...

Online 1 hour ago
Joined 5 years ago
NorthernIrish88 26
Belfast, United Kingdom
My name is Philip and im Northern Irish,

I adore travelling, it is a major passion of my life and I seek meaningful communications with people from other cultures
The place that i have traveled most and i am most interested in is the former Soviet Union, I love places like  Russia,Ukraine and Ar... [more]

Is learning...

Language abilities / Requests

Right now i am not interested in language exchange,  but perhaps at a later point!
Online 1 day ago
Joined 6 years ago
Error404 23
Glasgow, United Kingdom
Oh hey there! -wipes away years of dust and neglect- gosh I gotta update this profile a bit more often!

I'm Kayleigh! But you can call me Kaye :3
I live up in the middle of nowhere, in the west coast of the Scottish Highlands. It's pretty wet here...

I've recently just graduated from my Mprof... [more]

Is learning...

Online 7 hours ago
Joined 1 month ago
KatKalamity 21
Glasgow, United Kingdom
I'm Katherine, I'm 21 and I'm a hairdresser that lives in the west of Scotland. I love Disney and hello kitty, I'm a bit of a kid lol. I used to have a snail mail pen pal when I was younger and I really enjoyed the friendship and learning of her different culture but we lost touch a long time ago. I... [more]
Online 3 hours ago
Joined 2 days ago
Highland_Lad 19
Dornoch, United Kingdom
"My heart's in the Highlands, my heart is not here,
My heart's in the Highlands, a-chasing the deer;
Chasing the wild-deer, and following the roe,
My heart's in the Highlands, wherever I go."

My name is Darren MacRae and I live in Dornoch, a wee village in the Far-North of the Scottish H... [more]

Language abilities / Requests

I have quite a busy life so at the moment, I am not looking to learn or teach a language.
Online 35 minutes ago
Joined 2 months ago
Steviie 23
Ayr, United Kingdom
Hello, My name is Steven. But you can call me Stevie

I'm a very Hyper person and an over thinker (but I don't think that is a bad thing :O)

I Live in a small town called Ayr in Scotland I'm about to take my exams to become... [more]

Is learning...

Online 1 day ago
Joined 4 years ago
Stuarty111 34
Glasgow, United Kingdom


are you a serial BROWSER, go from one profile to the next, never once daring to bite the bullet and say HELLO, well don't despair!!  I am here to help you.  You can do it, you know you want to, don't be shy.  Now click on... [more]
Online 19 hours ago
Joined 5 months ago
sweetlara 25
Aberdeen, United Kingdom
Hello. I am a nurse living and working in Aberdeen. I am married and we are proud parents of an adorable little boy. Would love to have some female penpals from different parts of the world.
Online 1 hour ago
Joined 2 years ago
JT-Spaulding 23
Sydney, Australia
'Pardon me while I have a strange interlude':

Welcome to the weird and wacky land of Jeffreyshua T. Spaulding, you must be this crazy to enter. You may leave enthralled, but chances are you will leave with the words of Dorothy Parker etched upon your lips 'What Fresh Hell is this?'.

So on a s... [more]

Is learning...

Language abilities / Requests

I'm interested in learning Russian and other Eastern European Languages, I love the way they role off the tongue. I'm afraid I have terrible internet though so I can't video chat, maybe voice chat though.
Online 2 days ago
Joined 1 year ago
Vang 30
Moscow, Russia
Im photographer, singer, model, profi perfumer. I make own smell - one of the main passions, is creates a taste that gives magical powers.
Im usaly live in Riga and Moscow-France*

Is learning...

Online 2 days ago
Joined 6 years ago
Zellzilli 22
Manchester, United Kingdom

To the people of the world,

Welcome! Welcome to my profile.

Thank you for taking interest.

I have been on here for a long time but I have not been active in about 3 years so I have really only come back to build to relationships with people all over the world-
... [more]

Is learning...

Online 2 days ago
Joined 4 years ago
amazon93 40
Irvine, United Kingdom
Firstly, thank you for taking the time to stop and visit my profile, I appreciate that :)

I am 39, currently live in Irvine, Ayrshire, Scotland but hoping that changes very soon!  I am a teacher/translator by profession.  I have traveled to m... [more]

Is learning...

Language abilities / Requests

I am very serious when it comes to learning a language.  I can help you with any of the languages I speak in return for your help in teaching me the ones I wish to learn.  Thank you so much!

Please note I am a complete beginner in Russian, Chinese, Korean, Greek and Swedish.
Online 3 days ago
Joined 3 days ago
Madadh-Ruadh 62
Exeter, United Kingdom
Educated, articulate, older man looking
for friends along the way. My interests
are diverse but include gardening, photography,
literature, contemporary  poetry and archaeology.
I’m married and a grandpa. I would prefer to speak
to a femme around my age. Tend to prefer
serious conversation, ... [more]
Online 3 days ago
Joined 1 year ago
richardmraw 39
Saint Boswells, United Kingdom
Hello ! I'm Richard from Scotland. My main interests are languages, travelling, running marathons, reading, swimming and astronomy. I'd like to make new friends here. I'm not looking for a relationship, just get to know some nice people from different countries.

I am 38 years old and come from t... [more]

Is learning...

Language abilities / Requests

If anyone is interested in learning Scottish Gaelic, or wants to practice their English with me I'd be happy to help where I can.
Online 3 days ago
Joined 1 year ago
AlyR 21
Kendall, Wisconsin, United States
Hey there!  I am the type of person that can be laid back and draw all day or I can go out and be sporadic like any goof-ball would do.  I tend to crack a lot of jokes and have the goal in life to make people laugh or at least smile.  I am a huge movie addict as well as music, so those who are like ... [more]
Online 4 days ago
Joined 7 months ago
Leviathen 17
Muthill, United Kingdom
Hello, my name is Nicholas. if you have taken the time to click on my page id imagine you'd like to know some things about me, so without further ado, here it is;
~What I Like~:
Martial Arts {karate{kyokushin, shotokan., kung-fu, kendo, jujutsu.
Walkin... [more]

Language abilities / Requests

you cant live without communicating.
Online 9 hours ago
Joined 5 months ago
lochlannach 23
Inverness, United Kingdom
'S mise Ridseard, tha mi 23, agus 's ann às a' cheann a tuath a tha mi! Thig a bhruidhinn rium; chan eil mi idir cho eagalach 's a tha mi a' coimhead! ;)

I'm Richard, I'm 23, from the north of Scotland. Drop me a message - I don't bite! :)
Online 5 days ago
Joined 1 year ago
noblet123 19
Destin, Florida, United States
Hey there, my name is Tyler. I'm 19 and living in Florida at the moment. I am Irish and Scottish, if that counts for anything at all! :P Currently studying way too many subjects at once, but with no real idea of what I want to do with my life since I want to do everything, it works! :P Also, I am cu... [more]
Online 9 days ago
Joined 16 days ago
Themanofsteel 22
Minsk, Belarus
i moved to belarus from scotland! i will stay here for a year or more
i study at the university of edinburgh (best city in the world!) and im in minsk to study medicine for a year or more

if you have any tips on whats to see and where to go, let me know! i like russa and belarus alot. i tried to... [more]