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PuppyPi 's notes

Utopia? 11:00 pm UTC on February 24, 2019
Here's an idea.

What about a very simple and unassuming form of society.  Maybe it'll work, maybe it won't work.  But it surely wouldn't hurt anything to try it out :)

We want to be free, but there are barriers in our way.
Usually, depending on where we are, we consider them to be one group of people or abstract system or another.
• It's Marxism, It's the inner party, It's the political Elites.
• It's Capitalism, It's the bourgeoisie, It's the rich Elites.
(funny how they both say it's the elites XD)

But what if it's something far more fundamental and enshrined in all our values..and far more unpleasant to question?  That neither left-wing nor right-wing, conservative nor progressive has seriously questioned (to my knowledge).

• In a perfect Capitalist state, everyone would have work, equal middle-class standing, and plenty of food and books and opportunities..
• In a perfect Marxist state, everyone would have work, equal middle-class standing, and plenty of food and books and opportunities..

But if they didn't work, then of course they would not have those nice things because they were lazy and a drain on society.

But who decides what counts as work—as a "real job"?

Well it shouldn't be the elites, everyone can apparently agree on that! XD
It should be the people, we say.
• We should vote with our wallets in the markets to decide the value of things.
• We should vote with out ballots in the soviets to decide the value of things.

We as a society should collectively decide what occupations and endeavors are valuable and by how much.

And yet.. would even a *perfectly* functioning capitalism *or* marxism have allowed Vincent Van Gough to paint his "worthless" paintings?  Or Leonardo da Vinci "desecrate the dead"?  Or Luigi Galvani and the others spend all day playing with tree sap and jars and dead frogs?  etc. etc. etc.

What if the primary problem with the world isn't a lack of an opportunity or right to work hard at a real honest job,
But the demand that people do work in order to 'earn' their life, liberty, and happiness, instead of those being inalienable rights?
And for what counts as that work to be decided by the people collectively..

That what the individual is allowed to do should be decided by the collective.

In that sense, aren't Capitalism and Marxism, and Fascism and Socialism and Monarchism and Despotism, and everything else we've ever come up with, all just..


And maybe the reason we're so Depressed and unhealthy in Capitalism is the same reason why Soviet Russia was bleak and miserable...

a lack of freedom?

Does freedom mean the freedom to gain power over others?
Especially when that "freedom" only exists by the police restricting what thoughts and ideas people can share and utilize.  (Party compliance in marxism, intellectual property laws in capitalism, etc.)

In capitalism, we say that having money is freedom.  And it sure seems to be the case.
You get money and you can have and do lots of nice things!  Food, shelter, a car, a computer, ...
And you get to choose how to spend it.

But what is money?  You can't eat it, you can't sleep in it, it doesn't protect you from the rain, and you can't type a url into it  xD
Why does anyone want it except because other people want it?
And what can it do but get people to do things they already could do anyway?

..That is, get them to do things *you* want them to do..
And in exchange you have to do things they want you to do,
Because your making money is someone else's spending money.

And your spending money is someone else's job they probably hate but need the money (and so have to do what you'll pay them to, or pay their boss to pay them too).

So here's the radical idea.

What if a community existed (not necessarily the whole world, just some people in it who can and want to live like this)

Where (apart from doing crime xD), you could wake up each morning..

and be totally in control of what you chose to do with that day, and the next, and the next, and the rest of your life.

No one would place a demand on you for doing one thing or another thing.

Except for one (and it's a huge one for a lot of people):

That you treat others this way too, and place no demands on them, just as no demands are placed on you.

Live your life, be an engineer, an artist, a mathematician, a poet, or devote your whole self for a decade to shaping an entire life—being a full-time parent.

And society won't give anyone the power to decide whether what you're doing is a real job, or whether (people think) you're good enough at it to be allowed to do it and live.

But you won't be able to tell other people whether what they're doing is worthy either.  Even when you're having a bad day or are upset or think they're just can't make them not do whatever they're spending their life doing.

Because in general, a group of people treating each other a certain way, is a group of people getting treated that way.   (Good, bad, free, unfree, etc.)

Not when the elites are overthrown, not when the capitalists are squashed, not when the marxists are defeated,

Because however much power they had..they really only had it from us.  And however much power they didn't have, we never lost..and we were the ones using it.

So at the end of the day, the only people who ever really make us not be each other.
(Even though it feels better to blame someone or something else..especially if it's nebulous and faceless)


So this is what I want to do :)

I've been preparing to move into the wilderness for many years now, building up the technology, knowledge, and capital to survive off the grid.
And I'm only a year or two away from being ready to make the jump, I think!

I'll have enough money by then to buy some land, and a shipping container or a shed to live in.

And once I get established, I'll begin inviting people to live there under the conditions I set out above (and others like no guns or weapons allowed, physical contact requires consent, etc.)

And we can build an intentional community together that will make this idea real.  And it will *definitively* work..but only for as long as I'm alive and only for as many people as I can support.  Unless other people join and increase our capacity for more members and so on :>

Because I know I can spend my life working to make this world a reality and maintain it without asking anything of anyone other than that they Do No Harm, and feel completely fulfilled by it without any chip on my shoulder or need for "compensation".  Knowing I'm making at least some people be safe and free..truly, safely free is my goal.  So why would I need compensation for achieving my own goal?  :'>

But what I want to know is..

..would anyone else?

Or would people there only think that would be unethical to "let some people be 'lazy' while others 'worked hard'"  (even if the only reason they did 'hard work' was because they chose to, in their own pleasure and freedom, like me)

And if so, would anyone want to live there in the initial stages, where we were poor and in the wilderness together XD

( -- And with a lifestyle of extreme frugality (which can be fun in the right mindset, or miserable if you don't want it), possibly some concern over potential crime or wildlife depending heavily on location, and only the healthcare we could afford..unless we were somehow allowed to be legal residents in Urugray or Australia or Canada or some other medically-nice place XD)

( ++ But free to choose our occupation, free from bosses and our worth as people being measured, free from employer threats and abuse, and with absolutely no constant underlying fear we'll lose any of our freedoms (by getting fired or not meeting the work hour quota), and yet still being clean, well-fed, and living with others who share our progressive, pacifist, nurturing, gentle, culturally pluralistic, socially liberal values we put so much effort into, to rest upon.  :')  )

(++ Oh and with a cornucopia of educational and Maker opportunities and possibility to move forward and advance intellectually and technologically as individuals and as a group! :> )

...because I could really use some support...or hope that at least some sweet gentle soul would even just want to share that, much less help make it a reality.

you'd be amazed at how many people you might think would be all over this actually reject it because they've internalized the idea that it's wrong ("lazy") to let another person just be free (even if they themselves are equally free as well)

so I lose and reignite hope in waves.
this is my third time posting something like this publicly.
I guess we'll see if it gets a response this time.  x')

  (correction: a response from people other than militant underground antifa's.  X'D )
  (pacifist!  this is a pacifist project!  X'D )
PuppyPi 30New York
at 11:05 pm UTC on February 24, 2019
And to be clear, don't comment saying "That could never work". The point is we'll only let in as many people as we can guarantee it will work for at any point in time, thus it is guaranteed to work. (I am an engineer after all, I think I can do basic resource allocation and production-consumption network math XD ) And any people who freely choose to engage in activities that increase our capacity will increase it, and thus it will grow. :> (It only takes one person to start the ball rolling with an act of pure altruism, then others need only pay it forward :') )
PuppyPi 30New York
at 10:48 am UTC on March 3, 2019
I made a listing on! :D

at 3:01 am UTC on March 22, 2019
I'd like to talk to you about this. Please email me at [email protected] I'm in Tx, always been in Tx... In this life/physical vessel at least... Sending you Respect, Peace, Abundance, Light, Prosperity
PuppyPi 30New York
at 1:50 pm UTC on March 25, 2019
Okay; I'll email you from [email protected] :)
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